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Vocation, is a series of portraits of chaplains who currently serve in the Canadian Forces. The project explores the seemingly contradictory nature between a life of faith and a chosen military life. After a lengthy interview, I asked the padres if I could photograph them engaged in the act of prayer. With subtle changes in posture, maybe eyes closed and head slightly bent, I believe that this brings a sense of stillness and quietness to this series. And in anticipation of this stillness I have chosen to slow down myself and move away from my customary practice of using the quicker 35mm digital cameras and will photograph these portraits using my slower, more deliberate, medium format film camera. The portraits are presented as diptychs. I concluded my interviews with the padres by asking them to share with me a passage from their chosen religious text that best sums up their call to serve both as men and women of faith and as members of our Canadian Forces.